Ways to check if your Mtn sim card has been properly registered

You can now check if your Mtn sim card has been registered because People have been complaning saying that whenever they buy a new sim from someone selling it along the street, parks etc after them telling you that they have registered your Mtn sim.
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When you go home and put the sim it will be showing that the Mtn sim haven't been registered. This has made so many people so sad.So in this post i will show you how to check if your Mtn sim card has been registered.I will show you the easier way to check if your Mtn sim card has been registerd.

1) When you insert the sim to your phone Confirmation Message From MTN will be sent to you letting you know that your sim has been successfully registered.

2) You can send REG as a message to 789 After sending the text to 789 with your MTN line that was registerd and instantly you will get a feedback confirming that your sim registration was a successs

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Ultimate guide to withdraw money using the ATM

Withdrawing using the ATM is not a new thing but several people dont know how to withdraw money using the ATM machine and some dont know what is ATM. let me start by defining ATM.

ATM is Automated Teller Machine. Whenever you are using ATM you can access your bank account any where you are. I know may dont know how to use the ATM thats why i desided to write a post on how to withdraw money using ATM.

These are guilde on how to withdraw using ATM.

1) Check for any ATM that accept your ATM card. When you see the ATM that accept your card then, insert your card.

2) When inserting your card make sure the chip is facing upwards.

3) After inserting your card you will be instructed to enter your 4 (four) digit pin.

4) You be asked to chose the account you are using, is either Current or Savings

5) Click on the amount you want to withdraw, whe you dont see the amount you want to withdraw click on others and enter the amount you want to withdraw.-

6) Click on yes to confirm your amount.

7) Take your money and Click on yes to end your transaction

9) After all transaction your card will be ejected from the machine, dont for get to take an slip.

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The Ultimate Guide To Get Approved By Google Adsense

What is google Adsense
Google Adsense is a cost-per-click (CPC) free way to earn money online which Is designed, controlled and managed by google.

Adsense is one of the best way in which Bloggers make money with there blogs or sites. Adsense is better than other Cost-per-click advert because Bloggers make much money from it every day, That's why people opens blog or sites in order to earn from Adsense. May blogs use only Adsense to make money from their blog article.

Here i will list out Vital conditions necessary for the application of google adsense:

1) Get a google account: Before you try opening your blog, you must insert your Gmail (user and password) But if you don't have a google account. Try to register a google account. Always be careful while providing your BIO Data (personal information) when creating a google account. when you make mistakes it might nitrate be corrected and application will no be accepted.

2) Age Requirements: The allowable age definition of an adult is 18 years old. In agreement with the Google AdSense Terms and Conditions, the person must be least 18 years of age. Thus, if the person is not 18 years old then he/she will not be able to work in Google AdSense.

3) Avoid Copy and Paste: while posting things google adsense forbids copy and Paste. When you go to a website and copy the sites contents and Paste it in your blog, it is not good because the person who you copied his post suffered to organise and publish that post. so if your site/blog is filled with copied post adsense will never accept you.

4) Post Quality things: when posting in your blog you are expected to 500-800 words but many Bloggers what they do is just writing 100-150 content which will not make any meaning to the person that is reading. Sites or blogs like these can never be approved by google adsense.

5) Always Posting: I know many blogs if you open the blog you will see that their last post was on 2004 and these blogs you will find out that adsense will never approve them because they are not up to date. Adsense always approve blogs that regularly post thing to their blogs.

6) Traffic: When you post on your blog it is mandatory for you to share Your contents to any social media you are using. You can share it on Facebook, Twitter,Google + etc. Sharing of blog post gives your blog 90% traffic to your blog.

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The Ultimate Guide To Guest Blogging

What is Guest Blogging?
Guest Blogging is means by which Bloggers drive traffic to there blogs through writing posts to other blogs or Bloggers with there Bio and Blog Url attached to the post.

But most Bloggers go about it the wrong way and so, do not succeed. But when you do it the right way, you will experience the benefits I will be sharing below.


1) Guest Blogging Give Quality Traffic: Bloggers Guest Blog because they need traffic on there blogs that's why they take time to organise there post before publishing it or giving it out for guest blogging. I have Guest Blogged in many well known blogs and that gave me many comments and it drove traffic to my blog. Sometimes I get 480 blog visitors When I guest Blog in well known blogs and sometimes I get more than 900 blog visitors from the blog.

2) Guest Blogging Makes You Famous In Your Niche: Bloggers have different niche they specialize and when they guest post it makes people to know the area of specialization and it also brings you close to Bloggers who are on the same Niche with you.

3) Guest Blogging Improves: When you write post for other blogs you improve in the way you post thing and you will post things accordingly. It is meaning less when you post what people can't read and understand, while guest blogging you should be creative so people will know know your blog.

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How To Make Blogger Template Mobile View friendly

In this Tutorial I will tell you how to Make your Blogger Template Mobile View friendly. May Blogger has past through this challenge which made some people go around to find solution to this problem, Many did not get answers, some left there customized template and started using mobile default template.

I asked my friend, why he wanted to make his blog template to mobile friendly? He replied that people who uses mobile phones to search for information are much and also because of free data or some only has mobile phones, mobile browsing is cheaper that blowing with broadband or wireless.
Before this gets done you most follow this steps in order to select the "custom" mobile template.

In order To activate 'Custom' Mobile template you most follow these guidelines

1) Login to the blogger account( the one you want to activate Custom)
2) On your Blogger Dashboard click on the Template

3)You will see Two views will displayed, (Live Blog and Mobile)

4) On the bottom of mobile (click on the Gear which is known as the settings)

5) You will see a drop down menu and search for custom)

6) save

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Why Many Bloggers Fail

Today, there are millions of blogs/website on the net. But what pains me much is that most of these blogs are not really active. You see a situation when you search a topic on google and clicks on one of the results only to see your self land on a blog that was last updated in 2005. Such blogs are the ones I count as failed blogs and the owners, failed owners.
But the fact is: for these blogs and Bloggers to get serious, something must be behind it and that is what I am going to point out so that you desist from them.

I remember when I came into blogging. I have always wanted to own a website or a blog until a friend introduced me to blogging and told me that by the end of the month I should be making #200,000 you see, that's the problem. Blogging is not a get rich quick (GRQ) program. Many People go into blogging thinking that it's a fast means of getting money so when they blog for about 2months without making a dime, they quite

One of the things that makes Bloggers tired out in blogging is that they find out that after creating about 100 post they are still no where in term of SEO. But the question is: Are your contents unique or copied? Are your contents Optimized for search engine Known the answers will you help you whereto make amends.

I always say that One is not a blogger when he only copy contents. As blogger one need to thinkout posts and know gowns to make them unique. When it comes to SEO, One needs to find better keyword that will suit his post. Assuming you want to post about weight loss o know you will find out that it has much competition and so I will recommend: "The Ultimate Guilde to Weight Loss" and also use 1-3% of your Keyword in the body of your post. This will rank you higher in search engines.

So try to buckle up these concise tips into your head. You will find out that you do so, you will succeed as a blogger.

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How To Achieve Success In Blogging

Many Blogger thinks that blogging is a get rich business, some don't want to know How To Achieve Success In Blogging all they want is to Make Much Money From Blogging even when they haven't posted any thing in there blog, some will have 2 or 8 post in there blog, With there 2 post they feel that they can make money From there blog.

This is totally Impossible because if your mind set is to Make money From Blogging and you relax without working it out or working hard. You will totally fail.

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In other for you To be successful in blogging you need to Have these important Guidelines,

Blog Niche: A Blog Niche is the act of creating a blog with a special interest of using it to help people with information, Or it can be What you passionate about. examples of Blog Niches are Technology Niche, Entertainment Niche, Health Niche, How To, School Niche Etc. By focusing on a particular Niche your blog will be known for your Niche. Just like Ogbonge blog is a Tech Blog (technology), linda ikeji blog is an entertainment blog, how writer is a How writer Blog.

 Write Unique Content: writing a unique post is when someone does not copy some Else's post. Because when you copy someone's post and past it in your blog Google adsense will not approve your request, that's why you have to set your blog apart by cracking your brain and think out something Unique to post.

 Regularly posting: In other to serve your readers well and better you have to be consistent in posting so people can get help from your post. Many blogs if you search there blogs, you will find out that there last post was on 2012 some there own was on 2015.These Bloggers will lose Traffic because there blogs are not upto date. Try to make your blog upto date.

Make your blog SEO friendly: It means writing your blog in a way that makes it will appear in google to show up in search results, it can be a big help in other to get organic traffic in your blog. But you don't need to post any how post with key words.
Share your post : in blogging you need to share your post. In other to get traffic in your blog, you have to be uploading your post in different search engine like yandex, yahoo etc. You can share your post in different social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instergarm, stumble upon, linkedin, Whatsapp,Google+ etc

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