How To Make Blogger Template Mobile View friendly

In this Tutorial I will tell you how to Make your Blogger Template Mobile View friendly. May Blogger has past through this challenge which made some people go around to find solution to this problem, Many did not get answers, some left there customized template and started using mobile default template.

I asked my friend, why he wanted to make his blog template to mobile friendly? He replied that people who uses mobile phones to search for information are much and also because of free data or some only has mobile phones, mobile browsing is cheaper that blowing with broadband or wireless.
Before this gets done you most follow this steps in order to select the "custom" mobile template.

In order To activate 'Custom' Mobile template you most follow these guidelines

1) Login to the blogger account( the one you want to activate Custom)
2) On your Blogger Dashboard click on the Template

3)You will see Two views will displayed, (Live Blog and Mobile)

4) On the bottom of mobile (click on the Gear which is known as the settings)

5) You will see a drop down menu and search for custom)

6) save

Enjoy your self...
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