I can help you promote your business, start-up, seminar, brand and many more? You are in the right track then! our targeted TECHERS BLOG. Read carefully to know how we run our business

We run Ads like: Sponsored post, Banner ads or Text ads 
Sponsored Post
We can publish a sponsored post about your website, blog, start up, business OR add your website address into an existing blog post as a sponsor of the post at the very cheapest rate. We will promote the post on our Social networks as well as on Facebook, Twitter. You can Read more about sponsored posts here.

Banner Ads
We offer ad in form of banner and the banner sizes we use include these:

300x100 ad banner 
Image result for 300x100 ad banner 

300x250 ad banner
Image result for 300x250 ad banner

728x90 ad banner 
Image result for 728x90 ad banner
And our price list is: 
300x100 ad banner= $180/day
300x250 ad banner= $230/day
728x90 ad banner= $600/day
NOTE: We accept payment for as low as $180

Text Ads
for text ads, there are no specific price fixed. if you want to run a text ad on our blog, you have to send us an eMail via

Have you decided to advertise with us, send us an email via or you visit our contact page here


  1. How can I add this advertise page to my blog pls help me out.

  2. I will like to post an advert in your blog I will inbox u when am ready.


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